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Airfield & Airport Terminal Simulations

Jeppesen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company and is recognized as one of the world’s foremost providers of information and business support solutions to the transportation industry.

Jeppesen employs over 3,000 personnel, based at over 27 locations worldwide. Jeppesen has expanded its products and services portfolio to include delivery of leading-edge planning and resource optimization tools to improve the efficiency of air terminals, railways, and postal and logistics companies.


Simulation for Planning & Analysis

TAAM®, Total Airspace and Airport Modeller, is a fast-time gate-to-gate simulation tool that  enables operators to accurately predict and analyze the impact of present and future airspace and airport operations, whilst maintaining safety and efficiency.
This sophisticated software tool presents realistic 4D (3D plus time) models of airspace and airports to facilitate decision support, planning and analysis.

TAAM simulations are processed in fast-time enabling users to obtain results quickly and evaluate a wider range of scenarios.

What TAAM Can Do For You?

    • Reduce the costs of congestion and delays, while maintaining safety
    • Capitalize on the better use of existing airport infrastructure and resources
    • Increased capacity means greater revenues from landing fees
    • Plan for the introduction of new aircraft
    • Evaluate the financial implications of future infrastructure investments including new terminals, additional gates, taxiways or runways
    • Improve irregular operations
    • Plan noise abatement, de-icing and other operations in the most cost-effective way
    • Measure the impact of disruptions, such as proposed runway works on your schedule and operations
    • Assess the effect of changes in sequencing strategies and separation standards.
    • Plan operations, fleet changes, aircraft substitutions, de-icing and other procedures in the most cost-effective way
    • Enhance competitiveness and profitability through reduced fuel use, shorter delays, and efficient block times
    • Optimize schedule design from early stages to ongoing adjustments
    • Manage the introduction of regional jets and other fleet mix changes
    • Evaluate past days’ performance, train operations staff to handle disruptions more efficiently
    • Analyze the initiatives of the national or local air services providers and their impact on your operation
    • Propose initiatives to air services providers to reduce delays and increase efficiency.
Principal Features
    • Unmatched fast-time and accurate simulation capabilities
    • Configurable to any airport or airspace
    • Unlimited ‘what-if’ scenario capabilities
    • 4D full airspace flight profile calculations and detailed ground and airside model
    • Flexible rule base to accommodate different modelling requirements
    • Randomization of model parameters for increased realism
    • Electronic data input for rapid simulation model set-up
    • Realistic 3D multi-color models of airspace and airports to assist analysis and presentations
    • Direct output to spreadsheet and database tools for detailed analysis.




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