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Vortex Boarding & Disembarking Systems are leading the world’s airports and airlines on how to process re-engineer aircraft boarding, gate procedures and busing operations to drive service excellence and OTP.

After arriving to their destination and waiting to exit the plane, most passengers have thought to themselves: “This is taking forever. Can’t someone figure out a faster way to get me out of here?” Well that same thought came to a software engineer who not only found a better way to disembark and to board passengers, but also made a whole system out of it. 

Using advanced algorithms and handheld devices, he embedded all the complexity into a software and made it extremely user friendly for the boarding staff and simple to implement by airlines.

Vortex Boarding and Disembarking Systems Ltd. holds the worldwide rights to commercialize these systems and was created to help airlines make a smooth transition to start enjoying all the benefits this technology offers.