Joint Venture

Periploi Aviation and HomingPIN have developed a joint venture business based in Dublin, Ireland to assist in the development of new markets for the “owner-contact service” that reunites lost items with their owners worldwide. 





 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, HomingPIN helps find your items whether they are lost in an airport or a hotel, or whether you are travelling by plane, train, coach or taxi.

HomingPIN is the perfect product for protecting your valuable items whilst you’re on the move. Whether you are travelling with your luggage, laptop, skis or golf clubs, HomingPIN’s simple reporting process and numerous contact methods, help your items find you!

HomingPIN is integrated into the airports’ Unique Identification Service, which means your ID number is recognised in every airport in the World.

HomingPIN does not require:

  • Complicated technology
  • Scanning equipment
  • RFID (radio frequency tagging devices)
  • Bar Codes

HomingPIN owner benefits include:

  • Easy to follow set up of your account
  • Personal verified profile
  • Travel Itinerary that can be updated for every trip
  • Unlimited items on the same account
  • Contactable by SMS or email