Forecasting, Planning & Analysis



MIAGEN is a global Forecasting, Planning and Analysis consultancy with offices in Dublin, London and Doha. We specialise in delivering industry specific models to solve complex financial planning needs.

Our mission is simple – to change the way organisations plan – we have been doing that since 2003, through a combination of best practises and superior technology empowering decision making at Board level for our EMEA clients.

We measure ourselves by our client’s satisfaction, long standing relationships and excellence in delivery.


In today’s economic climate, the need for accurate and timely budgets and forecasts has become hugely significant. Yet many organizations still place insufficient emphasis on financial planning. Every business has complex areas which absorb finance department time. Instead of looking forward and planning, finance people spend time working through detail, manipulating spreadsheets and assembling or checking information.

The cost is not just lost time, but less opportunity to query assumptions and review scenarios, resulting in sub-optimal decisions which cost your business money.

As accountants, MIAGEN understand these issues.  Our financial models make complex areas of your business straightforward, so your finance team can be business partners rather than scorekeepers.


    • Reliance on Excel for budgets and forecasts – restrictive, error-prone and ineffective
    • Excessive focus on annual budgets rather than rolling forecasts
    • A centralized process with the responsibility resting solely with the Finance Department
    • Manual modelling that does not embrace technology to improve planning approaches
    • Time–consuming and a strain on staff resources


    • Financial Planning software allows us to create models that are robust and standardized across the organization.
    • Our models focus on the concept of constant revision and analysis
    • Our easy-to-use models facilitate delegation, allowing non-finance staff to become involved in the planning process
    • Driver Based Planning enables your organization re project as fast as your business changes.