Flight Operations Support

Skyplan International Inc. and its operating company Skyplan Services Ltd. is a global provider of Flight Operations Support services to Airlines, Corporate Aircraft operators, Aircraft Ferry companies and the General Aviation community.

We pride ourselves on being of assistance to not only the Airline sector, but also to the Commuter Airline and Business Aircraft operators.

Company Background

Skyplan International Inc. is a global company incorporated in Canada in 1983. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Skyplan Services Ltd. has been a global supplier of Flight Operations Support services to airlines, corporate aircraft operators, aircraft ferry companies, and the general aviation community since its inception in 1983.

Skyplan has developed and maintains its own flight planning engine, and is the primary hosted source for flight plans and text weather for most major flight service companies. The flight planning engine has also been developed to allow users to create their own flight plans via internet using the WebCTO flight planning system.

They have grown to become one of the major providers of Flight Operations Support services to the Aviation Industry. 

 Skyplan assists Flight Operations by providing computer generated:

    • Flight Planning,
    • Global Weather Data,
    • Domestic and International NOTAM’s,
    • Overflight and Landing Clearances,
    • Aviation Fuel,
    • Flight Watch,
    • Flight Following
    • and a number of other Flight Operations Support services.

These services can be provided via an Outsource Dispatch Service (ODS) or our Internet Hosted system CyberTrac One (CTO).

 Skyplan continues to invest in new technologies for the future Flight Operations department, as well as the requirements of the Flight Crews, with an emphasis on ensuring a continuing high level of Customer Service and Support.

Periploi Aviation has had along term association with Skyplan and throughout that time we have worked on numerous assignments and opportunities. We highly recommend Skyplan to our clients.   

Tony Middleton Managing Partner




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