Airline Operations

Airline Operations

Airlines continue to evolve and respond to customer demands and choices.

Full Value Airlines (FVA’s); Low Cost Carriers (LCC’s) Regional Airlines and Charter Airlines all operate with varying degrees of commercial and operational strategies, leading  many to struggle with change as a constant.

Given the tight margins that the airline industry generate for shareholders, its a constant imperative to seek improvement across all facets of operations and commercial management of the business.

Periploi Aviation constantly challenging current paradigms within the airline industry and have a track record of success in project managing large scale change projects across operational and commercial areas. 

Our Team brings expertise that has operated from Senior Vice President positions with FVA’s, LCC’s and Regional Airlines through greenfield development, restructuring, sale & acquisition and commercial turnarounds. 

Airline Operations

One day is never the same as the next day in the world of airport operations and we at Periploi Aviation have many years of collective experience within the Team of leading and managing operational functions within airlines across the world.

 From regulatory, compliance, safety management systems, crew resource management, flight operations, maintenance, crewing, quality assurance and audit, we are well placed to respond to and support your business needs.  

Getting a serviceable Aircraft and Crew at the right Gate at the right Time  to deliver your Customer expectations  is always a challenge.

Integrating Maintenance Planning, Crew Scheduling, Fleet allocation and many other variables are needed before the day of operations.

Periploi Aviation has experienced Network Managers to help you evaluate,  select and commission the Decision-Support applications needed to manage an Airline Operational System.

Our combination of IT and Airline Operations specialists talk your language and understand the demands of On-Time Performance and Schedule Fidelity.

We can also assist with:

    • Staff Scheduling and Roster Analysis
    • Emergency Response Planning and Training
    • Fleet Management – Acquisition, Monitoring, Disposal
    • Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals updates
    • Integrated Operations Centre Management