Operational Readiness Activation & Transition


Operational Readiness Activation and Transition (ORAT) is a project method used by Airport and Airlines to ensure all systems and processes are operationally ready, activated and respond to the needs of the users in the new terminal or airport.

When adopted successfully airport openings are delivered in a seamless manner without compromising the safety of passengers, aircraft, airport users & visitors and the employees working within the airport.

Despite this many airport and airline ORAT Programs fail to quantify and manage risks appropriately therefore impacting on the critical path of the airport opening.

Periploi Aviation have a track record of success in leading, managing and participating in ORAT projects across many types of airports and airlines.    


International,  Domestic and Regional airlines have different product and operational demands that must Transition from the old facility and be Activated in the new.

Passenger flows (Inbound & Outbound), Ramp Services, Security/ Border Protection, Baggage and Cargo Management, are essential components to be considered.

Effective Communication, Staff Training, and safe work-practices ensure  that the airline can migrate to the new terminal without disruption to operations and services. Convenient and seamless passenger processing from Kerbside to Departure Gate  must be built around the facilities provided.

Airline IT links and service recovery protect the brand of the Carriers and the airport and promote both businesses.

The  multi-skilled international team from Periploi Aviation has extensive Airline management experience to integrate systems and processes with a Carrier’s business needs to achieve Operational Readiness.