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The Periploi Group was established by Brian Stapleton in 2001. We are a boutique business consulting group, built around two Consulting Practices – People and Aviation. Each has its own specialization and businesses that include

    • Periploi Aviation
    • Periploi People

Periploi Aviation was established in 2004 by Brian Stapleton and Tony Middleton to meet the growing needs from airlines, airports and ground handling to provide industry experienced expert resource. 

Periploi is derived from the ancient Greek words meaning many maps.  These parchment drawings were used by Greek sailors as the galleys navigated the perils approaching the Pillars of Hercules – prior  to the development of cartography (the science, skill or work of making maps). We specialise in helping business leaders / managers  identify and implement solutions to their business issues  by mapping the journey with and for them

Wherever you are in a business value chain we have the expertise and methodologies to optimise your  functional and commercial outcomes.

We also have a demonstrable track record of success in planning and leading large scale change projects, project management and resourcing project teams from our worldwide network of associates.

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About us

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